MEA Platformer

Table of contents


How to contribute

  1. Pixel Art
  2. Coding


We're making a platformer game on using pygame In the past few weeks, we've been brainstorming on a Google document (log into account). We've been discussing about creating a game that takes place on either the MEA Campus or on Mt. Everest (the mountain). The game is not finalized yet; we will continue to brainstorm as we continue to make progress, so please email us if you have any suggestions!

How to contribute

Making this game won't be possible without people pitching in outside of club hours :). Here are some guidelines for contributing:

Pixel Art/Sprite Making

As stated in the overview, we're thinking of having the setting of the game to be on either the Mt. Everest mountain or the Mt. Everest Academy campus. Try to make your art follow this theme. Instructions for making pixel art:

  1. Choose something on the list that's not already assigned or think of your own! Again, we are still accepting ideas for the game, so if you have an idea for pixel art outside of this list, feel free to make it and send it to us!
  2. Email us at with your completed pixel art for us to review.


If you would like to contribute to the code, follow these instructions:

  1. Create a fork (so everyone's changes won't interfere with each other)
  2. Find something you want to do and make desired changes
  3. Create a GitHub repo, and email us at so we can create a pull request to merge the code with the main repository.